using the X4 labs extender.

This tends to be, at least with the kinds of clients that I attract, tends to be the more undeveloped or more ashamed side of masculine sexuality using the X4 labs extender. So, there might be a guy who’s an amazing lover who has an extender or stretcher to increase his girth. He’s great at giving and making her feel amazing but similar to a narcissistic relationship, it feels kind of flat or hollow because the guy is good at doing things at her and for her but doesn’t really know how to receive, doesn’t know how to be selfish, doesn’t really know where he is in the mix of their sexual relationship. So, you could also refer to light side and dark side as the light side being closeness and the dark side being separateness or autonomy and for having a functioning, thriving sex life, you need both to thrive. Learn more at and

So that was your sexual relationship to yourself, mindset. Now, your sexual relationship to yourself: techniques. The first step is something that I believe every human should do, every six months for their entire life and it’s commonly something that people have never done and sounds shocking, backwards or just unheard of. Get yourself an X4 labs extender now.

Writing up a list of what your ideal sex life looks like. If you could wave a magic wand over how your sex lif e looks, what would that come out as? One client, put it really interestingly. He said even when he heard of the exercise, his mind just went through so many blocks of resistance. He said, “I felt like my entire life, I’ve been a child living in poverty” a nd when someone said, “Oh, what do you want for Christmas, little poor boy?” He was like, “I’m so used to just asking for, like the bare minimum”, “Oh, if there’s a good toy truck in there, that would be amazing. I’m not going to insist but something with wheels on it would be amazing. That’s all I’m going to ask for.” He said that when I first introduced this exercise to our sessions, he was like, “I sat in front of a piece of paper for the first five minutes just fighting that demon that I felt like I’d been that poor kid for my entire life and now my parents just came into a bunch of money and they’re like, right, we’re multi – millionaires, what do you want?

There’s no limit.” “But my entire life has been limits and so when you say be selfish, it was really hard at first but then as I started to make the sex life wish list, I turned into a spoiled little rich kid so quickly. Okay, well I want three bicycles in different colors and I want this thing. I want Slurpee’s 10 times a week and this…Once I got into it, the wheels started to roll” but getting into it, he found quite difficult. So, take your time getting into it but do try and set aside 20 minutes for that exercise and see what comes for you. Learn more about the X4 Labs at

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