nervous about my pheromones

So, when I got back from Croatia, I went out to meet her for our date in front of Top Shop and I was still really nervous about my pheromones. I didn’t really expect her to show up. I thought she would blow me off at the last minute. But she did show up and I remember thinking how hot she was even though she had on very little make-up and her clothes were bland.

We know that pheromones are influenced by the vomeronasal organ. I took her to the Argyle Arms, an old English pub. We were standing by the bar chatting for a while. She was very honest and direct, and she told me, “Your Facebook mails showed another side to you, when you spoke about travelling and how you enjoy the culture of Croatia. I thought maybe you are different to how you first looked. I wasn’t really interested in having a date with you but it was a strange time in my life and I’d just decided to give up on a guy I liked a few days earlier with cheaper pheromones.”

I could feel her testing me, and I felt like I was right on the edge of failing. Check out pheromones at

A few times she mentioned how nervous I seemed, which I was but I was trying hard not to show it. I decided to take her to Milk & I-Ioney, thinking this would impress her, obviously not thinking about the fact she had already spent a big part of her life living a high life that was stratospheric compared to what I could offer. It wasn’t until two years later I’d really understand the importance of not mixing up lover and provider signals. I was trying to convey that I had a good job and a successful lifestyle pheromone spray.

We went upstairs to the Red Room lounge and sat on the sofa sipping drinks. I tried to kiss her a few times but she wasn’t having it. She was still testing me, saying things like, ”It seems like you’re trying hard to impress me. I wish you could be yourself, you don’t really seem happy with your life, and you seem to be trying to convey that you’re more confident than you are.” She told me I should stop putting on an act. Everything she said was freakishly accurate at that moment in my life. By the end of the night I was thinking I had blown it, and I would never see her again. Despondent, I walked her back to the station and decided to have one last roll of the dice. I stopped on the street outside a shuttered up Foot Locker store and just went in for the kiss, expecting her to resist again. Surprisingly she let it happen and after a grudging first few seconds her mood changed and she really went for it. We are fans of Pherazone pheromones due to their effectiveness. Learn more about pheromones at

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