How to make special paper chain for Valentine party supplies?

Some of the best valentine party supplies and decorations can be made in the house with use of simple material. Cost of making these items is not much. Therefore, you do not have to think about your pocket on the occasion. Style can be incorporated in Valentine day celebration through paper chains. These paper chains are now available in the market. However, it is better to make in the home.

Tools required for heart shaped paper chain




Material required for heart shaped paper chain

Colorful cardstocks

How to make?

Strips must be cut with the specification of 1” X 11”.

For the creation of top heart, it is better to keep two strips in red aside.

Remaining strips must be cut in to half

Strips in same color must be stapled from the end

In order to create the shape of heart, unstapled part of the strip must be curved and stapled. It is better to use staple another strip along with the first one.

Strips must be stapled together for the creation of chain.

Largest heart must be made in red on the top of the chain.

Paper chain is certainly a wonderful idea for valentine decorations and party supplies.

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