High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Alzheimer

As you know, hypertension includes the major inflammation that occurs in blood vessels of various important organs in a human body. Similarly, there is a scarring in tiny blood vessels that are specifically located in the brain cells and eventually affects the normal functioning of the brain cells. The high blood pressure basically disrupts the blood vessels, especially when it disrupts the tiny body arteries present in the brain then it results into white matter lesions. And the formation of white matter lesions leads to the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. The white matter of the brain is highly crucial part of the body as it helps in coordinating the communications between the brain and various other important organs in the body. The healthy interaction between the brain cells also occur due to the presence of white matter in the brain. Therefore, it is essential to control the high blood pressure condition as even the slight increase in the blood pressure as reported by Omron bp785 can directly affect the tiny blood vessels in the brain and that is entirely responsible for nourishing the white matter of the brain.

In accordance of few recent researches, adult people carrying high blood pressure problem for a longer time tend to develop severe damage to their white matter and hence, receive more risks for developing Alzheimer’s disease in later stage of life.

If you really want to keep yourself away from the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in your life then controlling your high blood pressure can significantly contribute in this context. You can also get rid from other memory disorders like dementia. Therefore, start paying more attention towards your diet and include some effective physical activities in your day-to-day life to avoid critical health complications associated with high blood pressure condition.

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