Getting Jobs Through Audio Transcription Training

I considered going into audio transcription training after seeing a job ad looking for audio transcriptionists who had completed a training program with an internship, and the ad included Med W… as one of the two schools they would consider hiring graduates from. I had thought about a work-from-home career in the past, but was unsure how to get started, what to do to get into one, and how successful it would be.

I decided to become an audio transcriptionist out of the blue. After I gave birth to my second child, I quit my job of 10 years in banking. I then decided that I needed to earn an extra income and working from home as an audio transcriptionist seemed like a great idea. I never heard of audio transcription internship before until I searched for schools on the Internet.

I hope you enjoy my unusual audio transcription training story. My training involved a wild animal, a stray cat and a lost dog. I know, this is an unusual way to start a career, but stranger things have happened.

I am Dave, and I graduated from P. School for audio transcription. I scored well. My problem is that they only inform you of job openings whenever they get them, which is hardly ever. I feel left high and dry. I’ve been left applying on my own with more companies than I can keep track of. They all seem to want experience. How am I supposed to get it if no one will give it to me. I have heard a small percentage hire without experience, but not to many and I have not found them yet.

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